The bronze "Adam and Eve" was sculpted in wax during a month spent in Pietra Santa, Italy, in 1982. Bruno Luccesi, my teacher, had a home there as did many other well-known sculptors. Carrara Mountains, where the David marble came from, surrounded the small town. The sound of mallets hitting stone was heard from behind every wall and every evening dozens of sculptors gathered at the piazza talking about sculpture over pasta and beer.

At the foundry called Cooperativa I was given a table and wax and I don't remember anything from that month except the excitement I felt as the figures and the tree began to emerge. It was my first experience with wax and each day during the month I spent at that table, I went from agony to ecstasy back and forth hundreds of times every day. I did manage to finish on the day of my departure and forgot about it until, three months later, the finished bronzes emerged from the wooden case from Italy and I was overwhelmed by pure ecstasy.

  • Adam and Eve, was sculpted in wax in '82 and has an edition of five
  • Joy, a self-portrait of me as a child, was molded in wax in '85 and has a bronze edition of 25.
  • Dancing with God was molded in 2004 and will have an edition of 100.
  • The Bather is poured in a bronze compound and was molded in clay in '86.
Adam and Eve Joy Dancing with God Bather
Bear Bear Dancing with God