I feel that a successful portrait, whatever the medium, must seem as if it is pulsing with life. The eyes must have a bit of sparkle and the ends of lips must hold a bit of a smile. Consequently, while doing a Sculptural Portrait, I strive not only to render the outward resemblance of my subjects, but also to capture their inner spirits and unique personalities.

Portraits shown here are in different sizes:

  • heroic size of Genia, first prize winner at the National Academy of Design
  • heroic size of Bill, relief in Earthenware
  • life size of Mother
  • life size of Mark
  • life size of Jerry
  • small size of Zophie
(All the portraits in clay are done in high fire terracotta and require 9 hours of sitting time, in 3 three hour sessions.)

Gienia Bill Mother
Mark Jerry Zophie